Happy Canada Day! This comic is my life right now and my outdoor plants are getting chewed to bits. I didn't even know earwigs were a type of plant pest! Also didn't know that they have wings, even more didn't know that their big butt hooks are to help unfold these. I'd be more fascinated if they weren't messing with my dang plants!

Translation: I have been reading too much Sci-Fi. Can't stop won't stop!

Recently I've learned that squirrels are huge jerks. They come into the backyard, sniff the grass a few times, hone in on each plant pot, dig voraciously for about two seconds, then skip off. This just means I'm going to have to engineer some kind of netted paddock in which to contain my plants. Because squirrels are still a million times better than thrips, which all the downstairs plants now seem to have. Argh!!

Comic idea credited to Snip and his massive log-sized body pillow! It's the closest simulation we'll ever have to being a sloth. In other news, I've been experimenting with a new drawing style and am disappointed with myself for a number of reasons: 1. This new style has an endearing handmade feel, 2. It takes about half as long as before, and 3. It doesn't look any different. Argh!

This is Snip's life right now and his expression matches that of Tail. I'm currently trying to germinate some mandarin seeds and avocado pits, and his gaming office space makes a pretty fair incubator. I also learned that the purpling on my tomato plant leaves is not a fungus, not a bacteria, not a nutritional deficiency - it's actually because of leaving the plants out overnight. Back to lugging them inside every evening, I guess.

Whelp, probably one of the worst weeks so far this year. A derecho swept through Ontario on Saturday and hit our area at around three in the afternoon. By hit, I mean literally hit, because it was around twenty minutes of blasting wind that uprooted fully grown trees and sent the top of a shed flying clear across a field to smash open our screen door. When it was over, the hydro lines were in tatters and power proceeded to be out for us until around 11AM Tuesday. And we were the lucky ones, because now it's Friday and some people still don't have power.

Anyway, this comic is a memorialization of our experience and the surreal weirdness of essentially camping in one's own home for three days. The worst part of it all for Snip and I was definitely stress about the food in the fridge/freezer, the second worst part being not knowing when it'd all be over. And because I don't mean to trivialize this event, my heart goes out to the families of the ten people killed in this terrible tragedy. To everyone still without power, hang in there and please stay safe!

This comic gets more morbid the longer you think about it. Happy May 2-4 weekend, everyone!

I've been watching a lot of Let's Play: Skyward Sword videos lately, and got inspired to poke a bit of fun at the bomb concept. Also, I recently bought a tomato plant that was labeled cherry tomato, only it's beginning to look suspiciously like a beefsteak.. which of course meant I had to go buy another one. Not sure what I'll do if this one also ends up being a beefsteak. Cry while eating delicious tomatoes, I guess.

I'm tempted to make this cute fellow a regular, but they're kind of crazy annoying to draw. Hm. In other news, I've decided to grow tomatoes this year. Snip is not pleased.

I've been doing a lot of writing lately and I realized that I do the Tail method of coming up with character names. This leads to some pretty interesting results, which I thought was super unique until it occurred to me that all names were made this way. And all words. Oh geeze, my head.

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