Haha this is comic 404 sorry not found 😀 Man I'm craving curly fries now..

Still testing out Krita and the awesome magical colour fill thing. I'm hoping I can refine my skill and maybe cut down on the time it takes to fill in the children's book illustrations I've been making recently. Things are starting to get a big busier on my end as I've started getting clients again but I'm going to do my best to keep this from impacting Gecko comic quality. I also am sorry if feed users have been getting multiple updates about comic posts. I've just become really terrible at detecting comic colour completeness for some reason. Meh!

So I'm trying a new program called Krita to help with colourizing these comics but there's a bit of a learning curve and also it's not really that much faster if I'm still selecting colours in Photoshop first. Hm. The next comic might have a bit of wacky colour going on as I try to figure this out.

Haha this comic is going to keep me amused for a long while. It's always fun when Gecko sees something that Tail can't. Teehee!

Comic 400! We did it folks! Sorry for the lateness of this comic, something came up yesterday that took over. Funny enough, the laziness of the first two panels had already been planned and drawn by that point so that wasn't because I was trying to push out this comic faster. I'm just lazy in general. Oh my. I am Tail. Oh. Oh no.

Yeahhhh comic 399!!! ALMOST FOUR HUNDRED!!!!! Anyway, I spent too long on this comic but I also really like how it turned out so enjoy! Don't try this at home, kids! Also don't drink wine or any alcohol! I regret saying anything at all!

SO HUNGRY AHHH why do I put so much time into these comics bleargh no punctuation too hungry too tired too much stretch anyway have fun enjoy be good also Tail is weird and I like to think he survives this one but we shall see maybe the comic will become Blind Gecko and bleep no that'd be too sad

Went too hard on this comic. Exhausted now. Couldn't even go ham on the colours because I knew I'd be too tired to finish. Meh. No other comments. Food time.

The original idea for this comic was something to do with ground squirrel, which I found out is the technical animal name of a bunch of different creatures, like marmots and prairie dogs and chipmunks. Unfortunately there wasn't a good way to incorporate ground squirrel into a comic while also involving food without outright having a recipe that involved squirrel meat, so instead I started looking up different herb names and came across this instead. Chervil is apparently French parsley and should be more well known since it is actually in quite a few dishes. I'm not sure why I'm less sad about a fish for dinner than squirrel but here we go! Now it's time for me to decide whether to have garlic pasta or tomato pasta for dinner..

This happened to me and it sucked! I must be allergic to mosquito bites or something, or at least to the first bite of the year. Or maybe there's something funny about Canadian mosquitoes. Maybe they channel the rage of the goose.

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