Man, I always seem to make the most complicated-to-draw comics exactly when I don't want to. In other news, the weather here dumped about a metric buttload of snow on us and then decided to dip about twenty degrees, so now the snowbanks are towering and frozen. But Bird is making a new leaf and Fiddle has some bud action going on! Success!

The original version of this comic idea was much more morbid and featured a strange mechanism where flipping a coin each morning determined whether Tail got to exist that day. I guess the joke would've been that Tail wins a lot of coin flips? Mostly I just wanted to draw a weird head version of Tail. Or maybe he'd have gotten to enjoy operating the front seat for a change. Who knows!

First real comic of the new year! This joke is credited to both Snip and a license plate we saw in the parking lot, which said EAR LADY. Still not really sure what that's supposed to mean. Then Snip made a joke about ear wigs and I didn't get the joke for about ten minutes because all I could think of was the bug. I'm blaming the cold for that slowness.

Happy New Year! Also Happy Birthday to the Will! Here's to hoping things get a bit brighter and better as life carries on!

Happy Yulemas everyone! Also Happy Birthday to the Snip! The comic for today was originally a holiday card that is now being repurposed, so that's why there's no Gecko and Tail. At any rate, this has been a nice relaxing week of enjoying the end of year and avoiding Omicron and taking care of plants while getting to steer clear of all the cold whiteness outside. Oh, and also the joy of making 300 dumplings for a fun celebration dinner! Stay safe and enjoy your holidays!

I came up with this comic on my own and Snip approved of it? What alternate universe have I stumbled into?! In other news, it is very very warm here and that's strange!

We got snow! I hate it! But also I have plants so it's okay! On a more depressing note, I'd like to take this moment to memorialize one very special cat. You will be missed, Katrina.

Hey everyone, really sorry about last week and the lack of update. I got a bit tied up with a project and didn't even have time for a rush job, which was poor planning on my part. I definitely need to make an emergency comic to set aside for these kinds of days. Anyway, enjoy a new installment of TailMan: Action Hero! The muscle details are all completely based on Snip's physique and can be considered a literal one to one copy. Especially the abs, because he has spent a very long time working on getting horizontal line definition.

Tail is basically a weird dog. I'm not really sure if Gecko would be affected on a digestive level by anything Tail eats but I want to say yes because that's funnier.

The fancy bucket is supposed to resemble a weird plant pot I found in the basement, which will eventually be the new home of the Bird once he grows big enough for it. At the moment he's spent the past two weeks unfurling one single leaf so it's probably going to be a while.

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