Geezus this comic took forever. This is what happens when I start the comic too early in the week because there's no time crunch that requires faster art. Also it's a pretty morbid comic. It's actually Snip's idea. He's going to hate me for revealing this. He also has no memory of suggesting it whatsoever and was very confused when I mentioned it. Also so much snow!!!

I also always wondered what those leaf clumps were and just assumed that gravity was somewhat lazy about leaves or something, more of an amusement than anything really to think about. Then Snip told me they were squirrel condos and now I understand that those 'leaf clumps' are actually serious housing projects for squirrel folk. Wild.

This comic might be a bit of a failure. It's deceptively difficult to make a tree appear to be winking. Oh well. I think it's going to snow again soon.

I have the most horrible feeling that I've already made this joke before but I didn't actually check. Anyway, things seem to be really looking up! So much excitement!! Yee!!! Also I'm thinking of buying a few plants and making some plant stands out of the loose lumber scattered around the basement. The plants I want to get are a spider plant and a snake plant. Both of them look exactly how you'd expect. I also want a fig tree which surprisingly are actually sold here in Canada. Apparently there's a way of wrapping the tree to survive winter. I plan on lugging it into the garage instead.

Happy Harrween erryone! Should be a nice moon happening tomorrow, pretty excited. We got a new fridge and stove recently, courtesy of two very special people! Cooking and storing food has never been more luxurious! Also all the leaves are off the trees and we got our first snow earlier in the week so that's kinda meh.

Saspien is based on a real life person who has kindly informed me that they would never made a candle using a melon and oil. But whatever. I bet they'd do it if they were Saspien. In other news, mouse trap: 3 mouse: 0 Oh yeah so we got mouse in the attics right now. Well maybe.

Snip has been insulting me lately by saying I have a smooth brain which gave me an idea for this comic. It also gave me the opportunity to wonder exactly what a blind gecko and tail skeleton would look like. And honestly I have no idea so the next time it comes up the skeleton might look way different. In other news it's been super rainy this week. Winter is coming.

Introducing the newest character of Blind Gecko and Tail: Sandwich!! I think I'm really just super hungry or something. Tried out a new way of drawing the comic to hopefully deal with future time crunch concerns. Happy Thanksgiving to all you lovely Canadians! Enjoy the sudden cold and heavy rains.

I honestly don't know what I'd do without Krita at this point. Things are getting busy for me and I need to create a new and faster children's book art style so the next few comics might seem.. mismanaged. Sorry!

Thank you Krita for making my life so much easier, holy cow. It used to take around 1.5 hours to do a colour job in the past and now it's around 40 minutes or so and I don't have the stress of colouring within the lines. I almost feel like a god honestly, just putting down spots of colour and having it all magically fill in place. Anyway, I've been trying to avoid these single panel filler comics but today just so happens to be a very special magical day so sorry everyone! A few inside jokes in this drawing c:

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