A perfiduous tree is one that shows its true colours.

This idea came from Snip winking at me, and me noticing he had a lot harder time with one eye versus the other, and then of course obviously I was going to be snide about it. That's when he closed the door in my face. In other news, there is currently a very cumbersome standing desk in pieces just waiting to be assembled.

Tail would be a terrible juror probably.

Idea credited to the blender yesterday afternoon, when Snip was being rude letting it go on for as long as possible and my first thought was to guilt trip him by arguing the noise is actually fruit screaming.

I had this idea of somehow turning 'freezing rain' into a pun, but ultimately got brain block and went with cool wizard action instead. Snip thinks Tail would have benefited from a big ol' wizard beard. I'm thinking I agree.

I got the bearded dragon squishmallow! And it looks exactly like how I drew it! I love it! Thank you Neo! Snip has been giving it the middle finger every time he passes by. We still haven't come up with a name, or at least a name that isn't Chubs or Chubba. Or Sungus. Plop. Big Big. Meh.

I had a weird desire to stray from humour today and try something a bit more profound.

This comic is dedicated to Neo, who sent me a video of a very interesting nudibranch that expands its head in order to filter-feed from sand off the ocean floor. I thought it'd make a weird Gecko comic idea and I was right. Happy Birthday, Neo!

Snip got a sous vide recently, so right now there's steak in a ziplock bag that's going to be hanging around in hot water for the next six hours, which sounds like a health risk but otherwise is quite tasty.

I used to keep a dream diary which, while cool to read afterwards, was a pain in the neck to keep up with. Fun fact: Snip has never experienced dreaming and thinks people are crazy for feeling like these are real.

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