This comic idea is credited to a very sleep deprived Snip, who always has the derpiest things to say while in this state. In other news it has continued to snow almost daily while being ridiculously warm for February. Also apparently there will be beaver tails tomorrow? I am crazy stoked for that!

It has been super snowy here as of late and also crazy warm for some reason. February is usually the coldest month but we've been clocking in daily temperatures hovering around 0 to -10. Totally bizarre!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Sorry for the filler comic, I'm dealing with some annoying thumb strain at the moment. Apparently I am physically incompatible with one of Snip's old keyboards which I only found out after some extensive typing time coupled with a very stiff spacebar resulted in super pain. On the upside I am now familiar with terms such as actuation force and travel distance. Now to figure out how to work those into everyday speech..

For today's comic I decided to try creating the linework in Illustrator using vectors instead of refining bitmap pixels. It was definitely a different experience and I'm still not sure if it ended up being faster or not. Vector work has become pretty critical for my new career change so the extra practice is helping a lot. We'll see what happens with next week! Also Happy Birthday to the Neo!

Today has been a good day C: I feel older. Also Snip gave me a pasta roller/cutter recently and that means Sunday is going to be noodlefest. Can't wait!

Snip has been laughing at me for an entire week now because I messed up it's/its in the previous comic. I am so ashamed. Please accept my humble apologies, dear readers, for my embarrassing failure at the English language. I'm not even joking here, I usually proof read these comics by reading out contractions in full to make sure they are grammatically correct and the fact that I clean forgot this time has been the regret of the week. Gah!!!

I imagine this is how a mad horticulturist would begin their journey into becoming an evil villain. Just small experiments with plant life leading to increasingly foul constructs in a quest for eventual world domination. This comic was mildly disturbing until I remembered that this is what we've done with dogs. I don't know if that makes me feel better or worse.

Snip has been playing a lot of Sea of Thieves so I thought I'd pay homage to a part of a Discord conversation that I may have misheard. It makes for a funny comic anyway. Also I like drawing water for some reason. Enjoy!

Happy New Year everyone! Today's comic represents all my failed ambitions and dreams for this exact day :C I even did the responsible thing and arranged a precise schedule to finish all my work by yesterday and then an unexpected job threw an exhausting spanner in the works. Here's to a new and hopefully less exciting year! Also don't do what I did in the comic! The hubris is not worth the scrub!!!

No one's going to believe this but I actually finished this comic last Wednesday and then FORGOT TO SCHEDULE IT AAHHHH!!!!! Anyway, Merry Yulemas everyone! Also so many apologies, especially when this is a rare year where Yulemas AND New Yurs are both on Fridays!

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