"You are one truly splendiferous coniferous," said Tail, making the tree blush to receive such flattering attention. Neither cared about the fact that it was not, in fact, a coniferous tree.

That was Snip's early morning idea for the last panel, or some of it anyway. In other news, I used my new pizza steel with a new pizza recipe and it turned out amazing! High hydration dough is the way to go!

Snip got me a pizza steel, so I'm currently nursing a few pizza dough babies and hoping they cook up crispy and extra fluffy. Still though, definitely don't name your food.

Oh, Tail.

Sad day.

We are now officially on fiber internet! Yeah!

As Snip has pointed out to me, I have been watching far too many Outer Wilds let's plays of late.

Another idea credited to Snip! He has the best, or maybe funniest, late night thoughts.

Comic idea kinda credited to Snip. I say kinda because he had a good idea and I pretty fairly butchered it. Then I thought I'd save time with a new technique and this took longer than the usual way, so I decided to save time by not doing a background and then that way took longer too. All around poor feelings about this comic.

This comic is to make fun of the fact that, throughout the series, I have likely spelled Fish Guy's name all different ways without realizing. That's what happens when you don't write things down. But he doesn't care what you call him, so long as it's not late for dinner! Idea credited to the Snip.

Omgsh 500! Wow!! And as Snip pointed out to me, one comic a week means that comic 520 will be 10 years of Gecko and Tail! Holy bologna!

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