Comic idea is a joint effort between myself and Snip! He claims that all Gecko and Tail comic ideas are actually his and that I just steal his thoughts instead of coming up with my own content. He's probably mostly right.

And so we continue with more stories from The Chronicles of Plants That I Bought. Actually, the dracaena in this comic had the opposite thing going on, where I thought it had spider mites and it ended up being predator spider mites. So now I'm leaving them to deal with other problems in the house, since apparently they are voracious hunters and will keep moving from plant to plant until all the bad things are eaten. It's kind of weird to willingly have bugs on plants and to know that they are there at all times. In other news, if you really want to feel gross, there are actually tiny bugs called springtails in pretty much all soil that you ever touch. Not only that, they are actually all over your living space as well! Fun facts!

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! In plant related news, Harvey the bird of paradise is making a new leaf, which is looking kind of like some weird pregnancy/alien stomach bursting event.

Comic idea homage to me being a derp and accidentally washing a few memory foam pillows. It's been three days and they are still not dry. Please send help. Also, Happy Birthday shout-outs to Gord and Jay!

Yeah, sorry, a lot of these next comics are probably going to be plant related 'cos that's what I've got going on right now. In related news, I have learned that cinnamon is not very good for your plants even if it does get rid of fungus and possibly fungal fly larvae, because it also destroys beneficial fungi that provide your plant with good nutrients. Bah!

I was looking at pictures of Bird-of-Paradise and realized that the flower stalks look an awful lot like Tail. I hope my own bird grows some flowers one day, so it can cosplay for me.

Happy Back to School? I wonder how Gecko and Tail took tests. Did they even get an education? What kind of learning would they even need? Do they even have jobs? Hm, lots of thoughts. In other news, Snip and I are headed to IKEA tomorrow to get lots of plants! I need plants. I want my strelitzia.

I complained the other night of getting tangled in my blanket and this is the joke Snip made, so obviously it was going to become a comic. The original idea was to have two different comics and somehow make it so which comic a viewer got was randomized, but this probably makes more sense.

This is my life right now, where Tail is the reasonable side of my brain and Occulus is that niggling part of the brain that wants all the pieces to fit together nicely to make things look neater. Inside a box. In the basement. That is temporary while we get actual storage containers instead of using an old box that once held a Denon receiver. Also I know that this isn't how Tetris works but it's what I think about while rearranging stupid paint cans.

I have decided to declutter the house! Snip will probably feel like Gecko here shortly. Seriously though, this process is already a literal headache and I'm having trouble figuring out even where to begin.

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