Went to the store today and holy smokes is it hot and humid out! And it's going to rain later probably. Also, a desserted island likely wouldn't be that great in reality because of all the stickiness and walking where you eat. I'd still enjoy having a dream about it sometime.

This comic was meant to be more of a pun on portals and tolls but then I started wondering what would happen if one got stuck in a transdimensional portal when it closed.

Spent perhaps too much time on this comic but I'm pleased with how the art came out. So swole!

Happy Canada Day and Fourth of July!

Spent a bit more time on this comic than usual to hopefully make up for some of the previous more lazy comics. Getting my vaccine on Monday, woo! Can't wait to be able to go outside again. Unfortunately we've been getting mad thunderstorms these past few weeks so the woods are probably more mud than trail.

I kinda just wanted to draw plant butts. It was actually really difficult to think of any plants that would fit the description. Also don't try to google up plants that look like butts. It doesn't work.

Very scary medical type scare in the family recently; thankfully things resolved but that was some terrifying stuff. This comic is dedicated to my hatred of weighted blankets.

So I live in a house that is full of 15+ year old electronic type devices that are now each breaking one by one. Today was the microwave. This is like the worst kind of advent calendar ever imagined.

This comic is silly but I kind of like it that way. All the trees here are finally green!

Happy May Two-Four weekend, everyone! This comic is not based on real life events.

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