This comic gets more morbid the longer you think about it. Happy May 2-4 weekend, everyone!

I've been watching a lot of Let's Play: Skyward Sword videos lately, and got inspired to poke a bit of fun at the bomb concept. Also, I recently bought a tomato plant that was labeled cherry tomato, only it's beginning to look suspiciously like a beefsteak.. which of course meant I had to go buy another one. Not sure what I'll do if this one also ends up being a beefsteak. Cry while eating delicious tomatoes, I guess.

I'm tempted to make this cute fellow a regular, but they're kind of crazy annoying to draw. Hm. In other news, I've decided to grow tomatoes this year. Snip is not pleased.

I've been doing a lot of writing lately and I realized that I do the Tail method of coming up with character names. This leads to some pretty interesting results, which I thought was super unique until it occurred to me that all names were made this way. And all words. Oh geeze, my head.

This didn't actually happen and you can't prove otherwise! Hah!

Have a safe weekend, everyone! It is very very windy here and everyone left their recycling bins out so these have been blowing all over the street the whole day. I'm pretty sure I took back the right one. .. pretty sure.

This comic sums up my entire week. Had to repot every single plant because all of them were having various issues. It takes about an hour on average to get rid of old dirt and loosen roots, three hours for the bigger plants. Monstera was the nightmare because I spent three hours carving holes into its new pot, then another three hours detangling its roots, then realized the drainage holes were too small and not draining. That meant unpotting, spending two more hours enlarging the holes, then another hour repotting and adding stakes and shaping. And big fiddle still hasn't been done yet. RRGH.

Snip is on a garlic kick so this is my new life, living in the blackened ruin of a household once so rich with fresh air. Apparently if you eat enough garlic it ends up literally seeping out of your pores. I'm not happy to have learned this.

Ah, the wonders of the English language. This is one of those double words that can be impossible to figure out from context. In other news, bananas that are kept together in a bunch will ripen faster than bananas kept isolated! Which gives me an interesting idea for a new Gecko comic..

I've actually never done cross stitch before but own two incredibly impressive cross stitch "paintings" that were gifted to me. So this is my very random idea that just happened this morning while I was realizing that I didn't have any ideas. So this comic is credited to time crunch pressure! Also, I definitely hurt my brain sketching panels 2 and 3 trying to keep Tail's position in relation to the needle accurate.

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