Sink finally got fixed! Life is good again! Seriously, it's hard to explain just how absurdly annoying it is to not have a kitchen sink. It's just one of those weird things where there's no other receptacle large enough or conveniently placed for doing dishes and cleaning the stove and draining pasta water. So you end up doing a weird back and forth between the kitchen and the closest bathroom, where not only is the sink ridiculously tiny but it feels strangely awkward to wash dishes where the toilet is. I think Snip ended up washing the pressure cooker in the tub a few times. At the very least it was an interesting experience that I'd like to never repeat again!

Whelp, the kitchen sink drain somehow detached itself so Snip ended up getting new drains, and then a new kitchen faucet, and then the hot water pipe compressor thing started leaking, and then Snip had to adjust something in the basement to do with water and it exploded water everywhere in both the kitchen and the basement which was awesome fun to clean up. There's no metal basin part to the kitchen sink anymore, just a gaping hole with pipes showing through, which means cooking has turned into challenge mode. Also it's snowing. Today has been great! This comic is enjoying the full benefits of my total concentration!

I've been watching a lot of Let's Play Yakuza videos lately and something about drawing swords came up so of course this is the first place my mind went to. Pretty pleased with how it came out. The drawing utensil just had to be crayons of course, to get the right amount of derp factor. Also it snowed here two days in a row. Wild!

Whelp, this comic was a lot of work and a lot of fun. I sat on this idea for a while before finally coming up with something workable. GYOZILLA!! Also I spent pretty much the entire time drawing this comic wondering where the heck Tail got radioactive waste. Did he just find it on the ground somewhere? Did someone give it to him as a gift? What was he even planning on doing with it?! Such mystery!

Filler comic today everyone, sorry! Got a bit swamped with projects recently and needed the extra time to clear out some of the excess. Also I kind of like the idea of ancient giant Tail statues so this comic was fun to work on.

Happy Egg Day! This comic is dedicated to the weird weather we've been getting here. Yesterday supposedly went from 20C to 10C and then -2C with snow and rain, so basically an entire year worth of weather shifts in a single day. I don't know what actually happened because I don't leave the house anymore :c

Whelp, this was supposed to be a lazy comic and then it ended up taking way longer than it should have! The Boss character here has kind of grown on me though. For some reason I want to call him Sparky. Been on kind of a space themed kick lately, watching my second favourite streamer play Alien: Isolation and Prey 2 as well as following The Expanse. You can see how that influenced the background of this comic. I'm also realizing now that the awesome name 'Sector Z' would sound like 'Sector Zed' in Canadian speak. Bah!

Comic idea credited to the amazing Snip after I poked him for some new thoughts! Now I will go eat some perogies because it has been a very tiring day and I have urgent need of potato.

Lazy comic today that accurately reflects my mood or at least my future mood. It is very very windy and rainy at the moment. I can't wait for spring.

Today I would like to acknowledge the loss of a very special person. R, you touched the lives of many people with your kindness and strength of character. You will always be in our hearts. Thank you for everything.

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