I got lazy with the continuity across this comic, which I shouldn't really be pointing out because now you all know, but maybe is a fun easter egg detail. Anyway, happy long weekend last weekend, which I totally forgot about last week.

The frame of this comic was supposed to be split with three thinner in the middle, two wide flanking the sides, and then I guess I didn't measure it out right, and then I forgot the third middle frame entirely. So now we've got this weird janky mess that's about as bad as the beaver dam.

This comic was supposed to be a lot more visually interesting but I'm pressed for time 🙁 I actually really like chives, I just still can't believe mine all grew back after the freezing winter. Anyway, my adolescent tomatoes have been outside all day without supervision, so time to go make sure they're still alive.

Tail is a destructive force of energy that cannot be contained.

Weather got warm and trees are finally starting to do tree things. The chives from last year that I thought were dead have come back to life, which is great because I love chives. What I don't love is invasive leek moths, which are going to eat my chives. Hrm. Might have to invest in some BTK.

Snip and I asked ChatGPT to come up with a Gecko comic. This is what popped out.

I spent a lot of time this comic working out Gecko perspective proportions. I'm still not satisfied. Anyway, no ice storms this week, and instead the weather rocketed up to 30C (86F) yesterday. Crazy!

Comic almost didn't happen today! We had a crazy ice storm on Wednesday that took out power from late afternoon all the way until late last night. Everything was encased in thick bulbous ice, which broke a lot of trees and, of course, various power lines. Best part about power outage in winter? The garage doubles as a refrigerator. Worst part about power outage in winter? No furnace 🙁

To prepare for this comic, Snip and I watched many videos of swimming scallops. So graceful, so majestic, like butterflies in an open field. In other news, it is still very snowy here and I can't remember if that's normal.

Today's comic is brought to you by frisky squirrels, who have been running up and down and across the branches of a tree pretty much all day. It's cute, but less cute when you think about what they're up to.

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