In which Tail is offensive to squirrels. Happy US Thanksgiving, everyone!

Snip and I were on a road trip and this idea spawned, after we saw a bounce house in front of an industrial warehouse.

Pretend there's a silhouette of Tail in the first panel. Anyway, real life turned into a comic again. Interpret as you see fit.

Ahh natto, one of life's greatest pleasures. The sliminess is where the flavour comes from! Anyway, Happy Halloween, everyone!

In which Tail says out loud what we're all thinking. Actually, this strip was originally supposed to end with Tail wanting to bake one of the pups into a loaf, hence all the bread references, but I guess Tail just didn't find that offensive enough.

On that note, I successfully fermented natto today! And now the entire house smells like ammonia 😀

The days are starting to get colder, rainier, and a lot more colourful.

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving, everyone! Be happy, stay safe, and enjoy the long weekend!

I had fun drawing chonk Gecko. Also, birthday shoutout to Bison! Who did not at all inspire this comic, just as a disclaimer.

No, this doesn't happen to me at all ever, why do you ask?

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