Sorry everyone for the comic delay, but it does come with a funny story. Or not that funny, if you're me. So last Friday I come up with this comic that's about the apocalypse, and I go through the whole routine of sketching it all out and inking in the lines. Then, right when I'm about done finalizing the colours, my drive randomly disconnects. And normally this would be fine, except I save every five seconds when choosing colours because Photoshop crashes whenever it doesn't like my colour choice. Now, saving every five seconds is generally a good thing, except in this case it meant the comic was right in the middle of a save when the drive decided to go for a walk.

.. which corrupted the file, destroying the comic. Whose subject matter was a joke about the apocalypse coming. Sigh.

Anyway, I've now recreated the comic from memory, and the original will simply sit as an unopenable file taunting me with artwork that will never be see again. I hope you're all happy. Oh, and the original comment was going to be something about Tail saving the world again with his awful puns.

November 22nd, 2022
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