Whelp, probably one of the worst weeks so far this year. A derecho swept through Ontario on Saturday and hit our area at around three in the afternoon. By hit, I mean literally hit, because it was around twenty minutes of blasting wind that uprooted fully grown trees and sent the top of a shed flying clear across a field to smash open our screen door. When it was over, the hydro lines were in tatters and power proceeded to be out for us until around 11AM Tuesday. And we were the lucky ones, because now it's Friday and some people still don't have power.

Anyway, this comic is a memorialization of our experience and the surreal weirdness of essentially camping in one's own home for three days. The worst part of it all for Snip and I was definitely stress about the food in the fridge/freezer, the second worst part being not knowing when it'd all be over. And because I don't mean to trivialize this event, my heart goes out to the families of the ten people killed in this terrible tragedy. To everyone still without power, hang in there and please stay safe!

May 27th, 2022
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