Aw geeze, so not only is this like the latest Gecko comic ever published, it's also not even a comic. I'm really sorry everyone, thank you for being such amazing readers and supporting the derp! Gecko comics will continue but I'm going to be taking a short two to three week break in order to finish what is currently an insane workload. Thankfully, once everything is all done I should have more time than usual to create some gorgeous comics that I've had planned for a while, so stay tuned! This comic is just a collage of all the earliest Gecko sketches I could find, back when I was sneakily drawing in the middle of class. Gecko was just an entertaining little six legged goof I had fun scribbling in the margins of things and he was originally going to stand like a centaur. Anyway I will be back with something to show as soon as possible!

September 15th, 2017
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