Well, after countless hours of frustration and anger and what I consider to be pure host provider spite, I've finally broken free from the old hosting service and have found a new wonderful reliable hosting server that hopefully won't have anywhere near the problems the previous did. I want to apologize again for all the problems and issues that were going on, basically the server that I had shared hosting with was DDoSed a whole bunch of times, then the physical server began to have a whole slew of problems and the host provider promised to transfer anyone who opened a ticket to a new server. Which they refused to do when I asked, claiming that they'd transfer everyone together on a much later date, leaving us clients to deal with consecutive days of downtime on our own. This, coupled with other issues I've had with this hosting service in the past, meant that the better solution was to just switch hosts. All I can say is, props to Snip for helping me through all this BS and butts to Lithium Hosting for terrible customer service :X Anyway, new server seems to be great, the load time is faster and everything is smooth as a pebble! I've also opened up a Twitter account dedicated to comic updates and potential future server issues just in case nonsense occurs and the site is inaccessible, just click the little bird at the top of the page! Oh and this week's comic is referencing the game Dying Light, which is truly a spectacular and beautifully graphic game and I highly recommend it to all those not terrified of zombies like I am 😡

January 5th, 2016
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